Company Profile

O. Eugene Kay R.L.S. – Owner, President
Gene Kay started SCI in Gwinnett County with one field crew and two drafters in 1993. Since that time, SCI has grown into what it is today, providing a full service engineering and surveying company. Gene, who has over 30 years experience in surveying, is now operating our Alabama office in Gulf Shores.

Dane C. Peterson – Operations Manager
Dane has over twenty years of experience in surveying and land development. His extensive experience in the land development process allows him to effectively design residential, industrial and commercial projects and coordinate surveying and engineering functions of the company, thereby providing fast and accurate service to the clients.

Ned Wang, P.E.
Ned has over twenty years experience in land development and transportation. His experience includes residential, commercial and industrial projects, as well as State and US government transportation projects. Ned Wang is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has a bachelor degree in geotechnical engineering and two master degrees in civil engineering and hydrology. Ned is registered in Georgia, Arizona and Nebraska.

Rajeev Monterio, P.E.
Rajeev’s 10 years of experience is in land development and surveying. This includes residential, commercial and industrial projects. Rajeev is a graduate of Lamar University in Texas, where he earned his masters degree in civil engineering. Rajeev is registered in Alabama and is currently applying for his license in Georgia, Missouri and North Carolina.

John A. Steerman, R.L.S.
John has over thirty years of experience in surveying, which includes residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout the southeast. John´s experience enables him to develop practical and cost effective site designs for clients. John is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic Institute with a degree in surveying.

Bryan Claxton – Survey Division Manager
Bryan has 12 years of experience in land surveying, including construction staking for residential, industrial and commercial projects and is currently in the process of obtaining his LSIT in the state of Georgia. Bryan is the field crew coordinator and schedules the crews for their day-to-day services.